Your horoscope for Wednesday, September 21, 2022


You’re inspired to dress as freely and flamboyantly as you like. And if this boosts your confidence and encourages you to be bolder and more fearless, then even better.


If you’re suffering from a midweek slump, then try to be kinder to yourself today, Taurus.


The Moon’s pulsing aspect with Chiron, the wounded healer, suggests someone may touch a trigger point.


Put thoughts of failure out of your mind, and aim high today. Don’t let previous efforts that may have disappointed you, stop you in your tracks.


You’ll realize that you have more power than you think to overcome anything that’s held you back.


A soothing but positive line-up involving the Moon and Chiron, hints at the chance to mend a relationship that has suffered a setback.


Your social skills, along with today’s line-up, could help smooth over difficulties associated with a team project or even a fun outing.


If an opportunity comes up to prove yourself, this is the time to go ahead. There’s no harm in being proud of your abilities and enjoying a chance to show off.


While you may be busy with your responsibilities, you could be dazzled by an idea that is just too good to pass by.


Need a chance to get your bearings, Capricorn? If you feel adrift in a sea of emotion, then today’s Moon/Chiron aspect can help you regain your poise.


This isn’t a day to stay in, but to get out and mingle. If you’re invited out to an event or just for a coffee then go, as synchronicities and coincidences abound.


You could start the day by deciding to go for a walk or jog, rather than press snooze and go back to sleep.

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