Taylor Swift begins revealing ‘Midnights’ tracklist with final song title

Taylor Swift has begun revealing the tracklist for forthcoming album ‘Midnights’, through a new TikTok series, starting with its 13th and final song.

The series, titled 'Midnight's Disorder with Me' and which was announced recently (September 21),

 I will have to choose a quick arbitrary title to highlight at the number one spot until delivery of the collection a month from now.

"I realize that I have a tendency to leave out vague cues and hidden behavior when delivering data about my music,

And I haven't come to deny it. However, I am here to oppose it," Quick Share with the camera presenting the new series.

She highlights a bingo limit with 13 balls, saying,

"I'll use this innovatively advanced gadget to help me choose the exact thing track title, and in what request."

 Each of the balls is numbered, addressing a track on the collection.

Pulling the thirteenth ball made a quick start, addressing the final tune on the collection's tracklist. The name of this tune is 'Mind'. observe

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