Queen's Funeral Traditions: Centuries of Ritual

London: The Queen's Visit Reflects on the Ancient Traditions of the British Monarchy,

In which ceremonial processions carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II to Westminster Abbey in London and then to her burial site in Windsor.

Despite the changing times, the royal family has followed centuries of traditional rituals without changing their heritage.

Britain's Royal Navy personnel will use ropes to pull the Queen's coffin in a cannon carriage from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.

A group of 142 sailors will tow the coffin with royal honours.

Notably, this tradition predates the funeral tradition held for Queen Victoria in February 1901.

Eight soldiers from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards will carry the Queen's coffin out of Westminster Hall in a carriage and then into Westminster Abbey.

The oldest regiment in the British Army, it is one of five infantry regiments that make up Queen Elizabeth II's (now King's) Life Guard.

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