McConaughey movie scrapped six weeks before production

The Dallas football team-themed movie starring Matthew McConaughey has been unexpectedly canceled six weeks before filming begins.

The Dallas Sting was based on a real account of a Dallas girls' soccer team that traveled to China in 1984 and overcame obstacles to defeat many of the world's best women's teams.

Team coach Bill Kinder guided them to victory over Australia, Japan, China and eventually Italy in the title match.

McConaughey was to play Bill Kinder.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the play's production company, Sky Dance, 

and the creators received disturbing claims about parts of the actual event that served as its inspiration.

After an investigation, they came to the conclusion that the claims led to the cancellation of the film.

Skydance and producing partners Berlanti Schechter Productions are yet to comment on the reports.

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