Horoscope for today, Friday, September 16, 2022


Be alert and verify that you can trust people whom you did not take into account until recently.


Do not avoid responsibilities, it is not a good time for you not to give them the attention or the time they need. 


You will be especially communicative with your friends and it will be a good time to resolve possible misunderstandings. 


You do not like confrontations when you are in a good mood, however, you will find it difficult to avoid them. 


All the brilliance you possess will illuminate the world around you. Ingenuity is conducive to achieving the goals you set for yourself. 


Things will be done the way you propose and you will create the life you want to live. You have the ability to do it. 


The word to keep in mind today will be chaos, especially at home and around your loved ones. The problems will be temporary.


You will feel like you are not having a good time, and this is what does not allow you to improve. Work harder. 


If any difficulty or pending issue arises, it is time for you to make a little effort to solve it. 


It is not an auspicious stage for you to try to demand things for others. Everything will arrive in a timely manner appropriate for you.


You adhere too much to old structures and the dynamism of this moment imposes the need to modify certain parameters. 


Soon you can have all the novelty and drama you crave. All the more reason then to ignore today’s potential fun. 

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